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Greenlee 881-MBT Mobile Bending Table

Greenlee 881-MBT Mobile Bending Table

  • $ 3,815.52

Conduit bending with Greenlee’s 881 Bender has gone mobile. Introducing the Mobile Bending Table, Greenlee’s newest bending innovation. It’s a patent pending, all-in-one bending solution that gives operators the power and performance of the popular 881 Bender on a wheeled table. It is quick to set up, stores all components for the 881 Bender and can wheel around the jobsite with ease – saving crews nearly an hour with every move.
  • Locking swivel wheels for maneuverability when you want to move it, and staying power when you don’t.
  • Fork pockets so you can conveniently move the unit with a fork truck.
  • Ram positioner to ease the set up of the ram to accomodate different sizes.
  • Steel pegs with hitch pins for storage of shoes and saddles.
  • Carriage assembly so you can mount the 881 bender unit directly to the MBT
  • Vice-chain to hold conduit securely for accurate bends - prevents conduit from twisting or turning during bend.
  • Pump basket holds the hydraulic pump for the 881 bender unit.
  • Storage for follow bars
  • One time set-up - saves 60 minutes for every move.
  • Complete Mob(more...)

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