Greenlee 61/62PTS-1-1/4 1-1/4" x 7-5/8" Big Shank Shorty Nail Eater II Wood Boring Bit

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Greenlee 61/62PTS-1-1/4 Specifications:
• Overall Length: 7-5/8" (193.7 mm)
• Twist Length: 5" (127 mm)
• Electric Drill Required: Minimum 1/2" drill
• Hole Diameter: 1-1/4" (31.8 mm)
• Hex Shank: 7/16" (11.1 mm)

Greenlee 61/62PTS-1-1/4 Features:
• Improved cutting edge provides 30% longer life span.
• Patented new design for improved cutting and cleaner holes.
• Self-feeding screw point draws bit through wood.
• Unique patented design cutting angle - smoother starts, reduced cutting loads.
• Made of super tough, heated-treated steel; cuts through nails and provides longer life.
• "Shorty" bits - for working in tight places, yet still can go through three abutting 2x4's.

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