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Greenlee 7806SB Quick Draw 8-Ton Hydraulic KO Kit w/SlugBuster 1/2" - 2"

  • $ 932.80

• (1) Quick Draw® Hydraulic Knockout Driver
• (1) 7/16" Short Hydraulic Draw Stud
• (1) 3/4" Short Hydraulic Draw Stud
• (1) Carrying Case

• Time Saver - fast, straight-on punching
• Compact design - for portability and fast, easy one-person operation
• Slug-Buster® punch profile splits slugs for easy slug removal. Knurled edge for better grip.
• New die design optimized for widest range of materials and drivers. Alignment markings for improved accuracy.
• Laser markings for quick part identification.
• Easy threading - draw studs with "dog point" tip helps eliminate cross-threading. Hex key access for easy removal from tool.
• Compatibility - works with all Greenlee knockouts up to 2"
• Punches, dies, draw studs and case made in the USA. Driver manufactured in the USA from US and global components.

• Length (in) : 16
• Width (in) : 12.7
• Height (in) : 4.05
• Volume (in3) : 822.96

The Greenlee Quick Draw punch drivers are self-contained hydraulic tools. These punch drivers, when used with Greenlee punches, dies, and draw studs, form a complete system for punching holes of various shapes and sizes through mild steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic. Slug-Splitter punches, dies, and studs are available for punching all of these materials as well as stainless steel. In addition, the 7704SB / 7706SB punch driver has a flexible body that allows hole punching at a variety of angles. The handle and release mechanisms rotate nearly 360 Degree for convenient actuation.

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