Greenlee EK425LDO11 6 Ton Crimping Tool with CJD3O Jaws with 120V Charger

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  • Crimping Tool
  • CJD3O Jaws
  • 120V Charger
  • 120V Battery

  • The EK425L is operated withone hand, leaving the other hand free to position the cableand connector
  • The crimping jaws open wide to fit easily over connectors
  • To help prepare for a crimp, the jaws can be jogged closed until they just grip the connector, allowing the operatorto position the cable in the connector before finishing thecrimp
  • The EK425L will complete about 325 crimps per battery charge on 4/0 AWG splices
  • When a crimp is fully completed, the EK425L signals the operator by automatically opening the jaws
  • It is then ready to make the next crimp
  • And, when the crimping jaws need to be opened before a crimp is complete, the operatorcan simply push a button on the back side of the tool
  • Intelligent Crimping System Technology includes a pressure sensor that monitors the crimping force of each crimp andprovides the operator a visual and audible alert if the force is below specifications

  • Accessory : CJXPJ Crimping Jaw With Nicopress X, P, And J Die Grooves, CJB Cutting Jaw For One-Tim(more...)

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